Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day in downtown Vancouver

Fall colours in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time in downtown Vancouver, and the only camera gear I had with me was the E-410 kit. I will most likely base some of my thoughts for the E-410 review based on my experience yesterday. Considering that it was raining heavily in the morning I wasn't even sure I would get any decent shots, but upon arrival downtown the sun came out and the sky cleared for a afternoon. Since I was out with some visitors from the USA, my purpose was to spend time with them and help some other locals show them around town. One of the highlights of the day was a trip to Stanley Park, one of my favorite places to visit in Vancouver.

The weather was nice for a walk, but not the best for photography. I was still able to take a few shots, of the fall colours in Stanley Park. The lighting situation was not the best, but thanks to the lower light sensitivity of the 4/3s sensor, I was able to get some good results. The dynamic range of the E-410 is no match for the D300, but with a little highlight recovery, the images turned out okay. The fall colours on the coast are peaking right now, which was a real treat, considering that I've not been through the park at this time of year before. It was a rather windy day, and there were lots of leaves floating around. The same wind that blew the leaves around also kicked up the sea water, which meant that the north west point of the sea wall was being blasted by waves, which meant I had to be careful with my camera. I was able to get a few shots of the waves hitting the sea wall, but none that I was overly impressed by, due to the hard mid-day sun.