Monday, March 23, 2015

Nikon AF 24mm F2.8 Review


While modern AF-S Nikkor lenses offer great optics they tend to be lacking in the area compactness, something that the older AI, AF and AF-D lenses often excel at. This is particularly true when it comes to wide angle primes such as the AF 20mm F2.8, AF 24mm F2.8, AF 28mm F2.8 and AF 35mm F2. While none of these lenses are optically class leading, they offer a light weight option for those who need that above all else, while still working with a traditional DSLR system.

So the question is how do these lenses, with optical designs from the 1980's or earlier, perform on a modern DSLR with a 36MP sensor, such as the Nikon D800? My hope is to answer that question throughout this review.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Light Gatherer

Backlit subjects can be tricky to nail, particularly when the object is semi-transparent under said conditions. In this case the exposure was slightly underexposed from the metered reading, which would have led to overexposure of the semi-transparent parts of the flower. While the human eye is often drawn to the brightest part of the scene, which would be the flower petals, the centre of the flower itself has a bright colour, which acts as a counter agent.