Friday, July 3, 2015

Nikon D750 Review


Nikon introduced their first general purpose full frame DSLR in 2008, the Nikon D700, and upon that release full frame DSLR cameras became accessible to more F-mount users. Over four years later the D800 and D800E were released, to a mix of jubilation, from many who sought a camera with high resolution, and distress from those who felt that 36MP was too much for them. There was also a feeling that the camera was too slow for action photography. While some of those reservations proved be false, see my D800 review, they were not totally wrong either. The D800/E, and the D810 are by no means sports cameras. In that respect neither fit the role as a general purpose camera.

In September 2012 Nikon introduced the first lower cost FX camera in the form of the D600, with a 24MP sensor and a decent balance of speed and performance. Sadly that camera came with a sensor riddled with oil spot issues, which Nikon eventually fixed, but the stigma attached to the camera was hard to overcome. Nikon dealt with this, and made some other improvements with the release of the D610 in October 2013, but clearly felt there was still something missing.

In October 2014 Nikon took the next step and released the D750, a camera that provides something that many users have felt was missing from the lineup since the release of the D800 and D800E in 2012, a balanced general purpose FX camera that doesn't cost over $2999 USD. While the D750 still lacks the higher end controls and full magnesium alloy body of the D810, it does have many features from it. So the question is, does the Nikon D750 capture the spirit of the D700? By that, does it offer a good balance of speed, resolution, build quality, and value for the dollar? To find out, let us take a closer look at the D750.

For Those who do not have time to read the all the details, a video is also available at the end of there review.

Review based on use with firmware C 1.02 (Available as of late May 2015)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nicola Lake Panorama

During a recent vacation in the interior of British Columbia I once again visited Nicola Lake, which is near Merritt. The recent heat wave that has hit southern British Columbia is also affecting this region, with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 38ºC/100ºF during the past weekend. Hiking to the location for this shot turned out to be a sweaty affair, but was worth while.