Friday, October 9, 2009

A Good Day for Shooting

Lesser Snow Goose

Today was a good day to be a bird photographer in southern BC, because the Lesser Snow Geese have made their way down from Siberia and Alaska to the west coast and more specifically the Metro Vancouver area. The geese have been around for a while, arriving sometime in the last week or two, but today the Snow Geese were in a large field next to the road that I happened to be on. So after quickly parking on the side of the road, I pulled out my camera and quickly started shooting. In most situations I would not do that, but Snow Geese are notorious for moving quickly from one area to another. Thankfully today the Snow Geese were not very active, most likely because they will stay in the Vancouver area for the winter. One thing you notice right away about Snow Geese is that they do not stay still very long, constantly flying around in their family units. This means that it is very rare to see a lone Snow Goose. There were at least a few thousand Snow Geese in the field today, which is very common at this time of year. I believe they arrived earlier this year than last year, which may be due to the sudden drop in daily temperatures in the last few weeks on the west coast. After two hours and a half of shooting Snow Geese, one full 4GB memory card (over 350 shots) and a battery change later I moved on. I then spent an hour in the bird Sanctuary, which was just a minute down the road. I did not get too many shots there.