Monday, November 16, 2009

Around The House

Staying Clean

I noted in my last entry that weather has kept my outdoor shooting to a minimal the last few weeks, and that is a little disappointing, but it also has made me look for things to photograph that I have not before. There are many items around your home that you might not even think about, but those very items can be interesting subjects for photography. Using narrow depth of field you can create some creative images of household items. Photos of objects in your everyday life can actually make great subjects.

The first step is to look at items you use on a regular basis, but that you might not normally consider to be interesting photographically. Try to keep your subject looking natural, after all, you are trying to capture something that represents your everyday life. Sometimes indoor object photography can be an easier task in an older home, but that may not always be the case. Items of interest can be anything from something in your bathroom, to an item on the wall.

All Alone

I chose to focus on things in a bathroom for today's post, but there are many other objects around my home that could have worked as well. These may not be the most interesting subjects, but I think they get the idea across. For most of my indoor shots I used my 50mm 1.8D Nikkor, simply due to the ability to use narrow depth of field, and in some cases because I did not want to use a flash, despite the low indoor lighting. Of course, family photos are also a good indoor subject matter and will most likely make up the majority of indoor shooting, but I wanted to look for something else for today's post.