Monday, February 8, 2010

The Olympics Coming to Vancouver, Torch Relay in the Fraser Valley

The Olympic Torch in Langley City, British Columbia
It was an interesting day out in the Fraser Valley today as the Olympic Torch finds its way to Vancouver for the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on Friday. Thousands of people turned out for the various events, over 10,000 in Abbotsford, BC yesterday, and around 8,000-10,000 at the two stops in Langley. Not bad numbers wise for a week day if you ask me. Due to the larger number of people in attendance, and the fact that I lacked a press pass, getting any serious shots of the torch bearer was a challenge, but I did get a few decent images. We arrived at the site of one of the runner changes in down town, two hours before the torch arrived, so we did manage to get a spot right on the road that the torch came down. 
Before the torch arrived there was some entertainment, which wasn't overly entertaining, but provided a chance to get some colourful photos.  The torch moved on very quickly, arriving shortly after 2PM and had moved on towards Surrey BC by 2:15PM. Was it worth waiting two hours to get a few photos? Yes, and no. These kind of events don't happen too often so, to me it was worth going. Not much else to say about the event, just a few more photos.

The Torch Bearer up Close

Entertainers Dancing Before the Torch Arrived 
I hope you enjoyed the shots, as this will be the only Olympic event I'll be able to attend, going to anything else is just too much of a hassle.