Friday, February 26, 2010

A Slow Week, and Risk Taking While Making Images

A Creek Ran Through It

It has been a slow week for me in terms of photography, so not much to report. I started working on my book, following my visit to the two regional parks this last weekend. I want to revisit those locations again in order to get some better photos, as the light was not how I would have liked it to be, especially at the second location. I think the most important lesson I learned on my weekend outing was that you sometimes need to take risks in order to get the kind of shots that you want. I don't advocate doing things that are overly dangerous, but I might take a small risk in order to get the pictures I want.

That does not mean that you need to put yourself in danger to get the best shots, but sometimes you do have to go beyond the safety boundaries that have been set by a park. That being said, you should not do anything that would damage the park property just to get the shot. Example, the shot in today's post was taken from beyond the fences around the waterfalls, but I did not trample anything to get there. I climbed down a small embankment, it was a little dangerous, and had I not been careful I could have ended up wet and without an operational camera. Moral of the story is, evaluate the risk before you jump over the fence, and not after, when you are tumbling down an embankment!