Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting The Shot

A few weeks ago I made a post about trying to get better pictures of Marsh Wrens, and today I was able to get the best one I have taken to date. I think the photo could have used more depth of field, but often shots like this are taken quickly, without time to change settings. Due to the speed of these little birds, shooting in good light is almost a must, so shooting mid day didn't work out too badly.

Oddly enough the series of photos that I took of this Marsh Wren are the only bird photos that I took today. Partly because the migration season is drawing to a close, and secondly because the day was somewhat low key. I was more interested in getting out and relaxing than working on taking photos. I spent time just observing birds with my natural eye rather than through the viewfinder, which helped me learn a lot about the species that I was observing. Sometimes that can be more important than getting a half decent shot, because I can use what I learned to get better shots later on.