Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loosing Photos, and Aperture 3.1

One of the worst fears of any photographer that I've ever talked to is loosing images. That very thing happened to me on Monday when one of my memory cards corrupted while I was trying to import recent images. Not only did the card corrupt, but I couldn't reformat it at first either. Every time I tired to format the card on I got an error saying I couldn't, so I was a little upset to say the least, considering it was one of my Sandisk Extreme III cards. I tried putting the card back into my D300, but I just got an error message there as well. The camera wouldn't reformat the card either, just to make matters worse. As a last ditch effort before emailing Sandisk for warranty support, I booted into Windows 7 (I'm a Mac guy, but have Windows for a few things) and thankfully I was able to get the card reformatted. So I lost 74 images from shooting that day, some of which I would have liked to have, but nothing I cannot live without. I didn't bother trying any data recovery software as a result.

Next on the list of things to talk about is Aperture 3.1. I made a quick post early about the release of the update, but my first impressions are that everything seems faster. When you first open Aperture 3 after the update it will ask you to update your library, it took less than a minute to update my current working library of about 7000 images. After that I noticed that using the loupe is faster, as is making just about any kind of adjustment. So far the app seems more stable. You'll no longer see the Aperture 3 title with info flash up on the screen as the program opens either, now there is just a small box with an activity wheel saying that the Library is opening. Once I've had more time to work with Aperture 3.1, I'll have more to say about it.

Sadly Apple has not updated RAW support for any new cameras, so if you are waiting for RAW support for your P7000, D7000, D3100, 60D, S95, or G12, you're still out of luck.