Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Of The Day Dec 2


One of the most powerful aspects of black and white photography is how it shows us texture, which can easily be overlooked in colour photography. Just look at the texture on the clothing that you wear every day, there are different lines and patterns on them. Those lines and textures, along with the colour are what make our clothing interesting to look at. Clothing with no texture almost forces your eyes to look elsewhere, due to the lack of interest, unless the colour of the piece of clothing is interesting in and of itself. 

I took this photo yesterday after watching a movie about a young street photographer, and it inspired me to just shoot everything whenever I have a camera with me. You never know what is going to catch your eye! This photo is an out of camera jpg from the Nikon D3100, with 35mm F1.8G, at ISO12800. So although the camera displays a lot of colour noise at this ISO sensitivity, making it almost unusable, it is still just fine for black and white photography.