Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Of The Day February 21

Light and Shadows

This last Saturday I went for a multi-hour hike Minnekhada Regional Park, which is located in Coquitlam, BC. In the park there are many different terrain types, during the hike visitors travel through coniferous and evergreen forests and marshlands. The trails through the park are almost as different in nature as the terrain, there are some well made gravel paths in some places, while others are muddy due to water run off. Many parts of the trails are maintained simply due to continuous use, rather than active maintenance by park staff. There are some parts of the trails were you come to a rocky section and there are no markers indicating where the trail is going, only when you come to the top of these small rocky sections can you find the trail again.

As for the image itself, when I came to this section of the trail the first thing I noticed was the light of the sun coming right through the trees. Getting the right balance of exposure was tricky, so I used the built in flash on the D700, which is rather good, to get the exposure I wanted. I also liked the way the path went through the trees on a slight angle, which kind of draws your eye through the image.