Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Point Atkison Lighthouse (Photo Of The Day March 16)

Point Atkinson Lighthouse

This afternoon I took a short drive into West Vancouver and visited Lighthouse Park. As you can guess from the name of the park, and today's image, there is a lighthouse in the park. Recently the Government of Canada was going to decommission the Point Atkinson lighthouse, but the area is considered a historical landmark, so some investors are working to keep the lighthouse operational as part of the park. The details on what is happening with the lighthouse are still not firmly in place at this time, so nobody knows for sure what will happen.

I was shooting at this location for about an hour this afternoon, working with different light, compositions and perspectives. This image is one of the best from this afternoons shoot, but in a later post more of them will be displayed. I'll be using the other images as I talk about perspective, in terms of distance from the subject, and through the use of different focal lengths.