Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rufus Hummingbird (POTD June 7)

Hummingbirds are beautiful little birds, but spotting them out in the wild can be tough. A few years ago I had the opportunity to shoot a hummingbird in it's nest with it's young, which was a real treat. Aside from that just about the only place I've seen them is at feeders. Today's shot is of just that, a Rufus Hummingbird at a feeder.

This photo is cropped, as even with a 1.4tc on the 300mm F4 this little bird is rather small in the frame. I didn't take all my shots with the tc attached either, because I found that the D700 was struggling to nail focus with it mounted. I think I might have to play around with AF fine tune, because I didn't notice this problem nearly as often when shooting with the D300. Of course the issue could also be that the hummingbird was moving very quickly.