Monday, July 11, 2011

Abundant Life (POTD July 11)

Abundant Life

These reeds caught my eye Saturday evening while I was out on a walk, so I took a few shots from different angles trying to find one that I liked. Once I had the images on my computer I found the one I liked quickly. After finding the image I liked, I edited the file using my standard workflow in Aperture 3. The colour I was getting using my standard edits wasn't working with this image, so I started playing with some of the presets that I've downloaded over the last year. I used one that gives the photo a look similar to what Velvia 50 would give. The vibrancy of the colours is what drew me to using that preset with this image, as they take the brightness of the exposure I used and compliment it. The colours provided by the Velvia preset would not be considered realistic, but using it takes the mood of the scene and displays it far better.