Monday, July 25, 2011

Icy Reception

Stories are what we are drawn to as humans, so what kind of story does a photo like this one tell? Is there only what is immediately before our eyes? Do ice, snow, water, rock, trees and a mountain tell a story? That is not a question that can easily be answered, because each one of those items can tell a story, as each has undergone different cycles to get them to the place they were when this image was made. Next you have the story of the first people who visited this location, and then the story of the creation of Jasper National Park, in which Athabasca Falls is located. Next you have the story of the photographer, what drew me to this place, what drew me to shoot this composition? Sometimes it is the stories within the story of an image that makes it interesting. Just some food for thought to go along with today's image.