Monday, August 15, 2011

After The Storm (POTD August 15)

After spending a week in the interior of BC I'm getting back into the swing of city life, for better or for worse. Today's image is from one excursion I made to Mahood Lake last Wednesday. The drive from 100 Mile House, BC to Mahood Lake is about an hour and half, and is largely paved, but the last 20-30km of the drive is on a well maintained gravel road. My last visit to this area was in 1991, so I was expecting some changes, but it was mostly as I remembered it. While visiting Mahood Lake a number of thunder storms passed through the area, which brought torrential rain for several hours. Thankfully a family friend lives near the lake and we were able to stop at their home to wait out the storm.

The rain kept us in the area a little later than expected, and made the light a little duller than I would have liked, but I was not going to let that stop me from visiting the two waterfalls that link Canim Lake and Mahood Lake. Canim Lake is the largest lake in the Cariboo region of BC, and is 772m above sea level, the Canim River, which links the two fore-mentioned lakes, drops 142m over Canim and Mahood falls, to the lower Mahood Lake, which is 629m above sea level. I wont be posting my photos of the falls, as I'm not overly happy with them.

As for today's image, I took it from a opening along the trail to Mahood and Canim Falls. The thunder storms in the area left these low clouds along the tree line.