Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on AF-S 300mm F4D IF-ED Repair

Last week I mentioned that I had sent in my AF-S 300mm F4D IF-ED to get checked after it took a fall back in July. Today I got the news on how bad a hit my lens took, and how much it will hurt my pocket book. The front element of the lens is out of alignment and needs to be re-centred. The lens hood and filter thread also need to be replaced. Total damage in dollars? $375 Cdn before taxes. That comes out to about 30% of the value of a new copy. Obviously it doesn't make sense for me to buy a new one, but yikes, let that be a lesson to everyone, don't drop your lenses on cement retaining walls!

The kind folks at Nikon said my lens should be repaired back to factory spec when I get it back. The tech also noted that said repairs could take some time (at least a couple of weeks), as they need to order parts from Japan. The good news is that I should have the lens back in time for the fall bird migration to start in early October.