Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Geese (POTD November 17)

Yesterday was a cold (it snowed in some places in the Greater Vancouver area), wet day, but I still got some shooting in. In fact it was the first time I've shot with my AF-S 300mm F4D since I picked it up from Nikon's repair depot last Thursday afternoon. I was not out long, I shot Snow Geese for about 20 minutes before the cool, wet weather got me to give up and head back to my car. All in all the lighting was dull anyway, but I had an urge to get out and test the lens.

While I was out taking photos, there were some hunters out as well, and I saw at least one or two snow geese fall from the sky after shots rung out. During the majority of last 20 years or so there was a big move to protect Snow Geese numbers. That said, over the last few years it has become apparent that there might be an over population problem, so the Government of Canada has opened up hunting of the birds. I'm not sure how large an opening there is, but I think the numbers allowed are in the 1000-3000 range. Considering that the larger flocks of Snow Geese are in the 10,000+ range, that number isn't very large. I also believe that shooting juvenile birds is not permitted.