Monday, January 9, 2012

Canon Releases G1X

Today Canon announced the G1X. The G1X is a somewhat compact camera, which right now is not considered a Canon G12 replacement. Key features of this new camera, are a 1.5" CMOS image sensor (slightly larger than micro 4/3s), with 14MP and a 28-112mm zoom lens (minimum aperture of F2.8-5.8). In addition the camera can record video at 1080p.

Full details about the camera can be found here (link to Canon Canada's website on the G1X).

My Thoughts:
The G1X is clearly a stop gap measure by Canon to counter the mirrorless cameras from Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon and Fuji (If you haven't heard of the Fuji X-Pro 1 it is slated to be released today as well). The problem is, the G1X is bigger than most of the mirrorless cameras on the market, and at the long end of the zoom it is a slow lens. The camera now shoots video at 1080p, vs. 720p of the G12, which is an improvement. The lens can also be zoomed during recording, but on a negative note, there is no microphone port. For a camera aimed at the market it is, that may not be overly appealing. Throw in a price of $799 USD and the appeal of the camera drops even more. The control layout of the camera is  also changed from the G12, due to the placement of a popup flash on the top (to clear the zoom at wide angles), there is no ISO dial on top (it has been replaced by exposure compensation). All in all, a somewhat disappointing camera.