Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aperture 3.3.2 Performance

I've only been using the update for a day now (like everyone else), but here are my first impressions of this update, which was primarily supposed to bring Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) support.

Generally speaking not much has been changed in this update, and I hadn't noticed most of the problems that the release was supposed to correct (see yesterdays post for a list of updates). After a day of use I haven't seen any major performance improvements, but I have noticed a few issues. First Aperture seems to hang (beach-ball of doom) a lot after applying this update. This happens at at various points of use, anything from loading images while changing projects, to exporting files and when quitting. Secondly, there are times when Aperture will launch, but the main user interface doesn't show up. The menu options will appear, but most will be disabled. The Application will show as running in the dock, and in Activity monitor, but nothing else happens. As a result of these issues I have had to force quit Aperture on numerous occasions because the software would not recover after several minutes.

Before updating to this latest version, I have been running various versions of Aperture 3 in Mountain Lion (10.8) for some time, and did not have any lockups at all. Versions 3.3 and 3.3.1 were the most stable, fast running versions of the software to date, so this recent update is a little disappointing to me. I will try the usual array of library rebuilding etc before making this my final assessment of the update.


  • Repairing Library permissions did not fix the issues noted
  • Repairing the Library Database seems to have improved the situation. There have been no beach-balls or failed launches since repairing the Library Database. 
  • Have not tried rebuilding the Library Database, hoping not to since it is time consuming