Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Commentary: Don't Limit Yourself

It is easy to get trapped in the mindset of thinking you need to have this lens or that camera to photograph a given subject. The problem is that you could be limiting your creativity by thinking that way. Keep in mind that one of the most exciting parts of photography is creating something that is interesting, and one of the best ways to do that is think differently. If you only photograph subjects of interest the same way you've seen others do it, you are just a copying the creativity of another person, rather than developing your own style. Developing your own style takes work, but you might find yourself enjoying your photography even more than you are now!

Next time you want to photograph the beach and find yourself thinking, 'I must have a wide angle lens to capture the scene!', or are trying to get an image of a small bird and think, 'I must have a super long lens', take a moment to ponder how you could do something different than what has been done before. Maybe you need to narrow, or broaden, your view and look at the situation differently?