Friday, June 28, 2013

Come In!

"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest."
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Over the past few weeks I have been starting to get a feel for the Nikon D800, and I am liking what I see. Dynamic range (the range of detail in the light and shadows) is strength of the 36MP sensor. The D700 was good, but it cannot hold a candle to the D800 in this area. Others have said this before, but the smoothness and detail available in low ISO images blows me away, to say the least. While you need to see the images at full size to see the true strength of the sensor, even the jpegs have a nice look to them. 

I have heard some comment that the D800 has a more digital look to the files than the D700, but I haven't noticed that. What I have noticed is the improved range of tonality. The D800 captures colour in a way that I did not expect. The tonal range of the D700 has a filmy feel, which I enjoy for some subject matter, but not others. On the other hand the D800 seems to take colour as it is, allowing you to punch it up, while leaving it feel true to life.