Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts on local camera clubs

Just a quick post tonight, about local camera clubs. I visited a local club earlier this week and rather enjoyed the first half of the meeting. The night was focused on evaluating members photos taken during the previous 30 days. Each image was rated out of 30 points, with the magority of the images scoring between 20.5-24 points. The group was focused on the art of the photos more than anything else. Some of the images that scored in the mid 20s were rather boring, at least upon first inspection. Each person could submit up to three images, two digital and one slide or film.

The vast number of photos to be evaluated, at least 105,
made the evening drag on, and by the end of the first half, I was starting to feel as though the evaluations would go on forever! I may join the club, more for the group outtings, and tips on improving my images more than anything else, since most of the people in the group are 20 years older than me! I think that I can still learn a lot from some of the more experinced photographers in the group regarless of the age difference.

That's about it for today, please forgive any spelling errors, I'm posting from my moble phone.