Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Mirror-less (EVIL) cameras from Sony

Today Sony announced their answer to the mirror-less 4/3s cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, as well as Samsungs NX10. Like Samsungs offering the Sony NEX 3 and NEX 5 use APS-C sized sensors, the same size found in Nikon, Pentax and Sony's own DSLR cameras. Early test results show that image quality is on par with most DSLRs on the market today, even at high ISO. Both cameras are also cheaper than the micro 4/3s cameras on the market today, and given the feature set that should rustle some feathers.

For more information head over to dpreview: Info on Sony NEX 3 & NEX 5

I'll make more comments on these cameras in the next few days, as this release could change the market for EVIL cameras. A lot of that will depend on optical quality and auto focus performance.