Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Day Birding

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get bored going out to the local bird sanctuaries, but at this point I'd say that is unlikely. Every time I go, I get so see something different, although maybe not something new. The habits of the birds I am photographing is interesting, and at times amusing.

Just Looking Cute For The Camera

There are several different broods of ducklings right now, some of them are at least a month old, while others are still only a week or so old, if that. I watched several families of Mallards chase each other around, each time a Mallard with younger ducklings come they would case off the family with older ducklings! While I was photographing the duckling in today's post I was kneeling close to the ground for better shots for a while, and during that time a family came and made itself at home right around me. A mother and seven little ducklings enjoyed the warm early summer afternoon at my feet, which no doubt was for protection, because the other groups didn't approach them after that. My presence also kept away any birds of pray, without a doubt.

The family of Sandhill Crane's is doing well, and the baby is now almost a month old. My encounters with the ducklings and the Sandhill Cranes have been the highlight of the late spring and early summer at the the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. There were also a number of Greater Yellowlegs present as well.  

Feeding Time