Friday, June 11, 2010

Photography Outing

Tomorrow I'm going to be joining the local photography club in an outing, with the goal of taking 20 photos of preselected subjects. 20 photos doesn't sound like very many, and should be easy to achieve, but there is a catch. One shot, no retakes, no deleting, no editing, right out of camera, so I'm assuming we'll be shooting jpegs. That will be interesting since I don't normally shoot jpgs. I might have to spend some time today trying to optimize the best jpeg settings on my camera. Originally this event was a one roll of film outing, but it has been adjusted for the digital age, and due to the growing number of members the number of shots has been reduced to 20 from 24; 24 shots is a standard roll of film, for those that don't know. I'll be posting an account of the outing tomorrow.

Golden Hour Near The Fraser River Delta