Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bugs and Cranes

    While I was out shooting Monday I noticed the dragonfly that is in the image today. I was actually trying to get a few shots of some bees in the same group of flowers, but they were too active to get any good shots. When I was shooting this dragonfly I didn't realize how narrow the depth of field was, which is why the wings and back side of the body are the only parts sharply in focus. So I'll have to make a note for myself to shoot at F8 or more when taking shots like this, rather than F6.3. Using the depth of field preview could have saved me that mistake, but I wasn't sure how long the dragonfly would stick around so I just took a few quick shots and moved back to shooting the Sandhill Crane family.

Enjoying The Sunshine

The baby Sandhill Crane, which is over a month old now, is continuing to grow. The adult Cranes are still protective, but not as much anymore. I was shooting them from about 50 feet away, more out of need, because I had my 1.4x TC attached to the 300mm F4. When I get shots like this I wish I had a zoom, so that I could get full body shots. In this situation I couldn't move any future back due to some thick brush and water.