Friday, July 16, 2010


Dawn and dusk are some of the most interesting times of day in terms of light, due to the atmospheric conditions that lead to the colours that we see in the sky. I had some free time a few days ago to get down to the coast and took a few sunset shots. The photos in today's post show just how quickly the light can change.

Sunset at Mud Bay Park, Surrey, BC (9:21pm)

Sunset at Mud Bay Park, Surrey, BC (9:26pm)

It may seem strange that the photo taken later seems brighter, but the is mainly due to different exposures used to take the images, and some shadow recovery in Aperture 3. In the first photo I was more interested in the light in the sky, thus the foreground seems underexposed, while in the second I was trying to balance the two. In order to achieve my goals I shot these photos in manual mode. Next time I go to this location I'll be taking my tripod out with me, rather than leaving it in my car, so that I can take some longer exposures. The second photo was taken a 1/40s, and had I tried to work with slower shutter speeds than that, there would have been a loss of sharpness in photos.