Monday, August 23, 2010

Trip Reflections

     What is the more enjoyable part of a trip for you? Is it getting away from the busyness of your normal week? For me the most enjoyable aspects of a trip is the exploration, and not just going new places either.

Quiet Waters, Busy Sky

    Exploration on a trip can also involve learning new things about how you take photos.  As I mentioned in one of my posts last week I started to apply a few of the new techniques that I have learned in the last few months. One thing that I kept in mind whenever I took a landscape photo was the foreground, something I often overlooked in the past. Sometime I still get too much sky in my photos, but I like how different cloud formations can effect the feel of an image. As a result I often try to use clouds in my landscape images, although the effect created by trying to do that can lead to too much sky being in my shots. I hope that I can improve on  this aspect of my landscape photography during my up coming trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks, in Alberta.