Monday, December 6, 2010

Shooting Eagles at Brackendale

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go up to Squamish (near Whistler) to shoot Eagles along the Squamish River.

Fearless Flier

During the course of the afternoon we saw numerous Eagles, at least six or seven. For the area this is considered low numbers. Some local bird watchers told us that on Friday there had been up to 24 spotted along the dikes of Brackendale, a small first nations village in the northern part of Squamish. Even that is a low number, in the recent past several hundred or more have been spotted in the area, but the numbers greatly depend on the salmon run, and a small run means fewer eagles.

I found that from the location I was shooting, even with the 300mm F4 plus TC14E, the eagles were not close enough to fill the frame, but with a little creative cropping I was able to get the results I desired. The other difficulty was the weather, cold and clear with temperatures around 4ºC/39ºF, and a wind chill of -4ºC/24ºF, staying warm as almost as much of a challenge as getting the shots I wanted. I came home with fewer images than I would have hoped for, but I'll be heading up again in January during the next salmon run, hoping for a larger turnout of eagles.

I'll be posting more images from the shoot as the week goes on.