Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip Planning (Returning to Jasper)

As spring is coming closer I'm starting to think about photography trips once again, and my first trip of the year will be a visit to Jasper Alberta. I visited Jasper National Park in September last year (See the first posts from my last trip here), and enjoyed my time a lot, which is why I'm going back again at the end of April. Some of the places that I visited last fall will not be open to the public due to winter road conditions.

View from the highway just outside of Jasper, Alberta

Considering that I only have a three days to actually shoot, not being able to revisit some locations is okay. Also, unlike last time I'll be staying in a hotel, since all of the campgrounds in the park wont open till almost a month after I visit. My summer camping gear was not up to the task of keeping me warm early last fall, so I wouldn't want to press my luck trying it again in early spring weather.