Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glass Building and Sensor Dust

Last night I went out and photographed something that I don't normally shoot, architecture.

We arrived at the location about ten minutes before dusk and started to shoot. Because the part of the building we were shooting faces west we wanted to make sure that the sun was low in the sky, otherwise there would have been harsh reflections on the glass. Having shot at this location once before, as part of a photo club outing, we knew where to go for the best shots. The difference this time was that we got to work at our own pace.

To ensure sharpness I was stopping down the 20-35mm F2.8D to around F16 for most of the shots. That worked well, but doing so showed a problem that has been building up for a while now, dust on the sensor of my D700. I've tried just about everything, short of wet wipes to remove the dust and nothing has worked so far. My DX camera were never so hard to clean, usually all I needed was a blower and the dust would be gone. I don't feel inclined to cleaning the sensor myself, so at some this point this summer I will take it into Nikon's service center in Richmond for a cleaning.