Monday, May 2, 2011

Jasper: Day 5


The 5th and final day that I stayed in Jasper was rather pleasant, even though I didn't spend that much time in Jasper itself. Instead I took another trip down the Icefield's highway, all the way down to Lake Louise and back to Jasper. The highlight of the day for me was the stop at the Bow Summit and Peyto Lake. I think the stop at Pyato Lake stands out in my mind because I had to hike up through often knee deep snow for 10-15 minutes to reach the lake's viewpoint. The hike was well worth it, just as it was back in September when I first visited the area. 

Peyto Lake

The Bow Summit viewpoint, which overlooks the lake was a little different then when I was last in the area. There was about 5 feet of snow on the viewing platform, so anyone on it is standing well above the level of the fence that used to keep people from falling off the cliff below. The benefit of the higher vantage point is that the trees just under the viewpoint are easier to keep out of your composition.

I took more images on day 5, but I'll be posting them over the next little while as picture of the day posts.