Friday, April 29, 2011

Jasper: Day 4

Roche Ronde

Yesterday was a slow day, the weather was gray and somewhat gloomy, so I didn't do a lot of exploring. I visited a few more ice covered lakes, and drove down highway 16 towards the eastern gate of Jasper National Park. I wanted to do some experimenting so I was shooting film and digital yesterday. I was switching between the D700 and F90X, because I wanted to see the difference in dynamic range between the two mediums on the same subject. To make the experiment viable I shot with the same lens, from a tripod. The main reason for this experiment is that I still have some film, that is not expired, that I wanted to use. This process also helped me to slow down and think about my shots more, at least I think it did. 

Today's image of Roche Ronde (Round Rock) was one of the last places that I stopped yesterday evening. The light was not the greatest, due to the cloud cover, but the reflection of the mountains on the river caught my eye right away. The stormy weather yesterday afternoon lead to overnight snow fall here in Jasper. Not very much, but enough to brighten up the landscape a little.