Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Soon (POTD September 26)

On Saturday afternoon I had to opportunity to shoot at Darts Hill Gardens in South Surrey, which is only open to the public a few times a month. This particular outing was initiated by the photography club that I am a member of, and I'm glad I went. I always enjoy finding new shooting locations, and I could see myself going back again at some point. The open house at Darts Hill lasted from 11AM (when I arrived) till 3PM and I stayed that entire time as there were so many different subjects to shoot. There was a strong breeze, which meant you had to be very patient when taking macro shots.

Generally when you think of flowers coming out, spring or summer come to mind, but even in early fall there are still some flowers that are just starting to bloom. The plant in today's image is one of those that appears to be getting ready to flower soon. The hosts at Darts Hill said that the best colours in the garden show up during the October opening, so I might be tempted to visit again sooner rather than later.