Monday, January 2, 2012

Evening Crane (POTD January 2)

After a few weeks of showing the best images of 2011, it is time to get back to fresh images. This image of a Sandhill Crane, on a dike at the George Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, is one of the first images I've made in 2012. In keeping with some of what I learned this past summer, that you don't need a telephoto lens to get wildlife shots, I made this using the 14mm lens (28mm equivalent) on my GF2.

The sanctuary was busy yesterday afternoon, one of the few partly sunny days we've had in the last few weeks, and I was one of many photographing this crane at the time. Of course most of the people were taking snaps shots with their iPhones and little point and shoot cameras, standing up and looking down at the bird. I decided to go for a different approach and get low. I remembered, from some earlier shots, how interesting the sky was, so I took a few like this purposefully getting the sky in the image. I had to slightly underexpose the image to capture the light in the sky correctly, but it works for this image.