Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great Horned Owl (POTD January 26)

Shooting Great Horned Owls during the middle of the day can often be challenging. First of all they like to stay high up in old growth trees, and secondly the light is said locations is poor. This shot is an example of why this can be hard. Settings, ISO6400, 1/160s. I had my gear setup on a tripod, pointing almost straight up. To ensure sharpness with such a slow shutter speed I used mirror lockup. If the Great Horned Owl had been moving that would have been a problem (focus would be lost), but it was staying still for the most part. Not a great image, today, but an example of what you will generally end up with in this kind of situation. You could use a flash to improve the lighting, but flashes can disturb owls and most of the light would be lost due to the distance, so I choose not to.