Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back In Action

Spotted Towhee
Last Wednesday I took my D700 in for sensor cleaning and a checkup, yesterday Nikon called to tell me the camera was read to go! Much faster service than my previous experiences with Nikon service in Richmond, with the camera being ready in less than a week. I'll give the service centre some credit, considering that a sensor cleaning is easier than fixing lenses. I picked up the D700 this morning and went out for a quick shoot to make sure everything was working properly. So far so good, and the sensor is almost spotless, I might be able to take some images with the sky present without spending 2 minutes getting ride of all the dust spots!

I also received my recently ordered Markins Q-10 ballhead, camera plate for the D700 and lens plate for the AF-S 300mm F4D IF-ED. I ordered yesterday and received the shipment today, talk about fast service! Markins seems to have a distributor here in Vancouver, which is likely why my order got out to me so fast. I'll spend some time giving my first impressions of the ballhead tomorrow.

Markins Q-10 Ballhead on Gitzo GT3531S