Friday, March 9, 2012

The New (3rd Gen) iPad

I'm sure most of you have heard about the release of the new iPad (3rd Generation) by now, but I figured that I would put a few of my thoughts together on the latest model.

Being a photographer one of the most important aspect of any device, like the iPad, is the quality of the screen. I have to think about how my images will look if I want to share them with clients, and the new high resolution screen on the 3rd Generation iPad took care of one of my biggest beefs with tablets. Yes that beef was low resolution screens. The iPad 2's screen resolution is 1024x768, which is fine for most images shared on the web, but seems a little low for sharing images with lots of detail. The increase to 2048x1536  resolution will help clients to see high quality portfolio shots in person, without me having to drag a notebook along. Thus, as you can imagine it was not hard for me to choose the 3rd Gen iPad over the iPad 2, even though the latter costs $100 less for the same storage capacity

I'll be honest, I've been an Apple product user for a long time, (for the last 20 years), so you could easily mistake me for an Apple fanboy. After all I have an iPhone 4 and my primary computer is a  27" iMac, so that would be an easy assumption to make. That being said, I wasn't a big fan of the iPad when it was first released, and even the iPad 2 wasn't overly appealing to me. I looked at some of the Android OS tablets, but they don't impress me any more than the first two iPads. Yes they have more ports, but for me the point of a tablet is not to attach a bunch of stuff to it. I want to be free of all the add-ons, USB cables and junk. As a result I opted to go with the 3rd Generation iPad as my first tablet.