Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snowy Hangout (POTD March 20)

Balancing the desire to get close up shots, which can  be hard due to current equipment restraints, and trying not to harm your subject is an ethical debate. Each photographer has to answer these questions for themselves. In the case of these snowy owls, I'm sure that I could have moved closer to get a tighter shot, but at what cost? I realize that sometimes as a photographer you have to put aside your own desire for the benefit of others. To me that stretches to the wildlife I photograph, so I keep my distance. I would rather be able to come back in 3-5 years when I have better gear and get that tight shot, than stress out my subject and cause them harm today. It comes back to my creed in wildlife photography, show the beauty and value of wildlife, while working to protect them for future generations to enjoy.