Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marsh Wren Nest Spotted

Marsh Wren, giving territorial call
While out on a photo walk at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Saturday I heard the familiar call of a Marsh Wren, so I started looking for them among the reeds. Within a short time I was able to locate several of the Wrens, I even spotted one in the process of gathering supplies to build a nest.

A Marsh Wren cautiously looks around as it prepares to leave the nesting area
These little birds can be hard to spot, even in early spring when the foliage is spars, due to the size of their bodies and the colour of their plumage. Spotting a nest can be even more difficult, unless you know what to look for. Usually the nests are just above ground in thick bush, while the nests themselves are made of the fluff from dead marsh reeds and whatever small twigs the wrens can gather. I don't have an photos of a Wren by a nest, but I'm hoping to capture some this spring.

Photo of Marsh Wren (Captured in May, 2010)