Monday, April 9, 2012

More Than Just Friends (POTD April 9)

Two American Coots showing affection for one another by rubbing their heads together, just one of the signs that courting is taking place. Similar rituals are taking place between many of the resident bird species in the Greater Vancouver area. Marsh Wrens are giving mating calls and building nests out of various materials. Most of the local Canada Geese have paired off and established their territories in preparation for mating.

Some of the species that have been present throughout the winter have now moved inland, towards the interior of BC. Few if any Scaups or Buffleheads remain, most, if not all, of the Common and Hooded Mergansers have moved on from the Reifel Bird Sanctuary as well. There have been no recordings of any owls in the area either. All in all the spring migration season is shaping up to be rather typical, although the lack of large flocks of Snow Geese in the sanctuary (during my visits anyway) seems a little odd. It is likely that they have passed the area and are have settled in Richmond instead.