Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Pause, Photo Of The Day July 19

After a few weeks of dry, hot sunny weather in Greater Vancouver, there was some relief from yesterday, thanks to overcast conditions. Overcast weather means great conditions for day time bird photography. There are two reasons for this, first hot sunny weather leads to harsh light during the middle of the day, and secondly the birds themselves also become inactive. The cooler, cloudy days mean softer light, and the birds are out and about more frequently.

Just as during previous years, the Reifel Bird Sanctuary is currently host to many different types of Sandpipers. Some of these Sandpipers will stay all summer , while others are just passing through the area as they head north. The majority of the Sandpipers are found in the outer marsh, which is near the ocean, but they can also be found in some of the smaller waterways as well.  Today's image is of a Greater Yellowlegs, which paused for a moment to eat some insects on the surface of the water.