Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Struggle

After a long spell of cool wet weather in the Greater Vancouver area, there has finally been a break from that. More importantly sun has broken out of the clouds the last three days, which was a welcome change. On Saturday afternoon some fellow photographers and I took advantage of the nice weather to shoot some rugby.

Having never shot rugby before there was a learning curve involved, but once I started to understand how the game flows it became much easier. I stuck with my normal sports/action settings, such as a minimum shutter speed of 1/640s. I generally shot at F4, with my 300mm F4 on a monopod for stability. I switched back and forth between the D700 and D300 several times, depending on how far away the action was from me. In the match action seemed to drift to one side of the pitch and then stay there for a while. This slow shift from side to side made switching between a full frame and crop frame camera easy. Once the light started to fall off, late in the afternoon I permanently switched to the D700, because it performs better in lower light.