Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Commentary: Dry Season

Creative activities, like photography, can take up a great deal of energy. When you start to feel burned out what do you do? Do you fight the burn out, or do you take a rest and let your mind rest for a while? Personally I take time out to rest and reset. Why? Burn out is a sign from your body that you need a break, so it is wise to listen to that when possible. Burn out can appear in many forms, and if you have been through it before, watch out for the signs.

Thankfully there are often seasonal down cycles, depending on the type of photography you enjoy. How you relax can take different forms, such as not taking photos at all, or taking photos of something different. Having tried both at different points, neither is always right or wrong. Regardless of how you handle burn out, don't be discouraged by the possibility of downtime, because it will pass and your passion will return!