Monday, January 7, 2013

What You See?

After a hiatus from bird watching I was able to jump back into this area of photography this past week. Among the many different birds I observed during the week, the little Northern Saw Whet Owls stood out.

The story of the image is one that leaves me with mixed feelings as a photographer. The owl was sleeping when I arrived on location, even though there were many people observing it along the trail. Some people started pulling out their smartphones to take photos, but that had a negative side effect. When ever the smartphones take a photo they make the annoying fake shutter sound, which unfortunately, yet fortunately for me, woke up the owl and got it look my way for a few seconds. Thus I was able to get a wide eyed shot of this little owl.

The importance of allowing these small birds to rest during the cold winter months is something that most bird watchers are aware of, but we cannot expect everyone to be aware of that. I don't blame people for wanting to take photos of these beautiful creatures, I just wish they wouldn't go out of their way to stir them from vital sleep.