Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Photo Workshop With Graham Osborn

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going on a photo workshop with Graham Osborn, along with other members of the camera club I am part of. Graham is a British Columbia based photographer that has images published in National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Beautiful British Columbia Magazine, among others, and has written 7 books on photography.

Graham in Trout Lake Creek, showing the group how he would setup at this location
What I enjoyed the most was Graham's outright love for photography, rather than gear. He knows the gear extremely well, and is technically sound, but does not go into extremely technical speech, which would make his workshops excellent for new photographers who are interested in landscape photography. Another aspect that I liked about the workshop was his willingness to share in the creative process, showing us what he would do, and then looking at what we were doing. While Graham did some shooting during the day, he spend most of the time working with the group.

While I found most of the technical information be taught during the workshop to be things I already knew, Graham did show the group some interesting shooting locations, and gave us creative shooting ideas. I will be sharing some of the images taken during the workshop over the next few weeks. 

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