Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Push - Find Your Style

Endurance: The fight each one of us must take on, against internal and external pressure. 

Finding a personal style of photography is not just a matter of taking photos a particular way, instead style comes from exploration. For example, using manual mode on a camera is a means of figuring the exposure you need to create the image you have in mind, rather than using it as a needle that needs to be lined up with the correct point in the middle of the scale.

In addition, there is no right or wrong lens for a given task, but there might be one that is better for the style of photography you enjoy. For example the two photos in todays blog entry are from two totally different lenses; one is a telephoto, the other a wide angle. Both types can be useful, when you have an image in mind. Don't be afraid to try something new, even if you don't have enough experience or the "right" equipment, because everyone has to start somewhere.

Whenever you pick up your camera don't think about what it can or cannot do, or you will limit yourself before you even get started. Instead pick up the camera and do whatever it takes to create something, even if what you create was not what you were originally thinking of doing. By going outside of the box you can open yourself to new possibilities, and in the process you might just find something uniquely beautiful.

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