Tuesday, April 6, 2010

7 Days of Black and White Photography

    For the next 7 days I've decided to do something a little different, shoot only black and white photos. I have set my D300 to monochrome picture control, with my exposure mode set to manual, and I'm shooting full sized jpegs. For fun I think I'll also only shoot with my prime lenses (50mm 1.8, 85mm F3.5 micro, and 300mm F4). I want this project to last for the next week, or maybe longer, depending on how much I enjoy it. The idea of the black and white week is to help me think outside the box of what I normally shoot and how I shoot. I find that when shooting black and white, I spend more time thinking about the light, which is important in colour photography as well. I have also found myself looking for more patterns.

50mm F1.8, ISO1600, 1/50s @F4

Balancing contrast to get the texture in the image to look natural can be challenging. I often find myself slightly underexposing the shot with black and white photos, just to get a little more contrast out of the image. I have have to make some adjustments to the picture controls to get the right amount of contrast, so that I do not have to underexpose as often.

85mm F3.5, ISO320, 1/60s @F3.8