Thursday, December 30, 2010

Photo Of The Day Dec 30

A Family Moment

Today I am going to post five photos, some of my favorites from 2010. I'll be doing the same tomorrow and then post my top pick on January first 2011.

Today's first photo is of a Sandhill Crane chick that was two or three weeks old. During the first three or four months of it's life the parents feed the young bird often.

This Rufus Hummingbird was feeding during the afternoon and I was taking a number of shots. Through the viewfinder I couldn't tell that the Hummingbird was sticking it's tiny tongue out, but upon reviewing the images it immediately showed up. Unlike last year I didn't see any hummingbird nests, but I still like this shot. 

During the course of the last two years I've taken hundreds of images of Lesser Snow Geese, but I like this one in particular because I was able to somewhat isolate the subject from all the other birds that were landing at the same time. 

The colour in this image is what draws me to it, the thick haze on the horizon is from a near by forest fire. The sunset that night was rather long as a result of the haze so it was possible to do a lot of experimenting. 

This last photo was taken in September during my last visit of the year to Cascade Falls. I had captured a similar image earlier in the year on film, but the light was much better for this shot.

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