Friday, January 21, 2011

Photo Of The Day January 21

Common Merganser Female

Yesterdays photo was of a Hooded Merganser Male, while today's photo is of a Common Merganser Female. This photo is showing the brilliant golden hour like light that I had the pleasure of shooting in for a short time on Wednesday afternoon. Considering that most of the photos that I've taken of these birds either have a dull gray reflection or a blue one from a clear sky, I find this photo to be a nice change thanks to the late afternoon sun and the haze on the horizon. 

I've found shooting Merganser's tough because I've noticed that Nikon's auto focus systems (from various cameras) can to struggle to achieve focus lock on their eyes. Another issue is that these birds move very quickly through the water, as they are diving ducks. Thankfully I was getting some decent shutter speeds (around or at 1/1000s) and so movement was not an issue.